We pride ourselves on staying current with trends, new products, and improved techniques within the remodeling industry. When designing a kitchen renovation, our challenge as we work with clients is finding the best way to integrate these into our projects to suit our clients' design style and the way in which they live in and use the spaces we create. While we may see a new trend emerging in metropolitan or european areas, how they manifest themselves into our local kitchen remodeling projects may be different. While the Greater Harrisburg Region tends to pay homage to its traditional roots, we see many clients eager to integrate trends and unique products into their kitchen design, always with a function-first approach. Here are a few kitchen trends that we’re seeing within our region:


Many homeowners are making the jump to bold color choices with their cabinetry. While we're still seeing white, grey, and natural wood, many are making a statement with some portion of their cabinetry in a fun color, frequently in the island or other accent area. Colored cabinetry is a great way to add a distinctive and personal detail.

Mixed Finishes:

Whether its a combination of both natural wood finish and painted cabinets, high gloss, laminate, accent counters, or glass or stone tiles, homeowners are choosing to mix it up with their textures. The effect makes the space more inviting and adds depth and dimension to areas that can sometimes fall flat or sterile.

Multi-level Islands:

With the kitchen being the hub of most homes, the island is serving many purposes, from food prep and cooking, to homework station, to quick dinner, or informal cocktail parties. Having two (or three) heights of counter on an island allow for this area to transform according to task and needs, allowing the space to offer more functionality than ever before.

Better, Layered Lighting:

As one of the most heavily used rooms within a home, an effective lighting plan can make or break the functionality of a kitchen. A proper plan manifests in several layered lighting options of recessed, ambient, task, under cabinet, and island lighting. Don't neglect the ability to adjust or dim the intensity of the sources. Clusters of pendants or statement island chandeliers also serve as functional design elements.

No matter the emerging trend or hot new product, your kitchen should be a reflection of your lifestyle and tastes. A trusted kitchen design and remodeling partner can streamline the process and ease the burdens of an invasive kitchen redesign. However, whether you do it yourself or partner with a trade professional, your kitchen can be an inspiring and innovative space with thoughtful integration of form and function.